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The Staggering Economic Toll: 5 Costliest Military Campaigns Since World War Two

As the Russia-Ukraine war enters its fifteenth month with no end in sight, the economic consequences of such prolonged conflicts come into focus. Billions of dollars have been poured into the war machines of both countries, leaving a devastating impact not only on the lives lost but also on their economies. To gain a better perspective on the financial burden of this ongoing confrontation, it is worth examining the five most expensive military campaigns since World War Two

5. NATO Bombing Campaign in Yugoslavia: $43 Billion
The 78-day NATO operation, known as Operation Allied Force, aimed to address the conflict in Kosovo. The bombing campaign resulted in the destruction of approximately half of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia’s economic production capacity. NATO estimates put the cost of the operation at around $43 billion. Serbia suffered significant losses, with estimated damages amounting to $29.6 billion. The campaign also took a heavy toll on civilian lives, causing over 1,700 deaths and 10,000 serious injuries.

4. Gulf War: Operation Desert Storm: $102 Billion
Operation Desert Storm, a multinational coalition led by the United States, liberated Kuwait and forced the withdrawal of Iraqi forces in a 42-day conflict. The United States incurred costs of approximately $102 billion, along with the loss of 298 servicemen. Iraq suffered 20,000-30,000 military deaths and over 75,000 wounded. The use of depleted uranium rounds during the campaign contributed to a sharp increase in cancer rates among Iraqi military personnel and civilians.

3. Korean War: $341 Billion
The Korean War, triggered by North Korean invasion of the South, saw UN forces, primarily consisting of American troops, engaging in a three-year conflict. The United States spent an estimated $341 billion (in 2011 dollars) on the war, resulting in nearly 34,000 battle deaths. Millions of Korean military personnel and civilians also lost their lives. The extensive carpet bombing conducted by the Allies destroyed a significant portion of North Korea’s population centers.

2. Vietnam War: $738 Billion
The Vietnam War, lasting eight years, became a defining conflict for the United States. With a price tag of $738 billion (in 2011 dollars), it proved to be one of the costliest campaigns in American history. Over 58,000 US military personnel lost their lives, and the long-term effects of Agent Orange and extensive bombing continue to impact the Vietnamese population, with millions suffering from related illnesses and disabilities.

1.The US ‘War on Terror’ (Iraq, Afghanistan): $1-6 Trillion
Following the September 11, 2001 attacks, the US launched Operation Enduring Freedom, targeting global terrorism in multiple countries. The Congressional Research Service estimates the cost of the war between 2001 and 2010 to be $1.147 trillion. However, when considering long-term medical care, disability compensation, military replenishment, and broader social and economic costs, the total expense is projected to reach a staggering $4-6 trillion.

The economic toll of warfare extends far beyond the human cost of lives lost. The Russia-Ukraine conflict serves as a grim reminder of the immense financial burden imposed by such prolonged confrontations. By examining past military campaigns, it becomes evident that the expenses incurred can amount to astronomical figures, with consequences reaching far into the future. As the world grapples with ongoing conflicts, understanding the economic implications can shed light on the urgent need for peaceful resolutions.

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