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Why Azimio la Umoja has Called for Nairobi Consultation Meeting Next Week

The opposition party Azimio la Umoja One Kenya coalition has called upon Kenyans to participate in a consultation meeting scheduled to take place in Nairobi next week. This invitation comes in the wake of Parliament’s passage of the controversial Finance Bill, 2023, which has sparked widespread debate and dissent among the public.

In a joint public statement released on Thursday, Azimio announced that its leaders and supporters will gather at the Kamukunji Grounds on Tuesday, June 27, starting from 10 am. The purpose of the meeting is to engage in discussions and strategize the way forward in response to the recent developments.

The Raila Odinga-led faction expressed confidence in the collective power of the people, emphasizing that whenever Kenyans have united in the past, they have found solutions to even the most challenging problems.

They called for unity and encouraged citizens to attend the meeting, stating, “Let us meet in Kamukunji next Tuesday and decide the kind of life we want to live.”

Azimio criticized the Kenya Kwanza administration for disregarding the objections raised by Kenyans during the public participation stage regarding the Finance Bill. They accused the government of bulldozing its way and imposing the bill on the citizens against their will.

The opposition party denounced this disregard for public opinion, labeling it as a form of dictatorship. They argued that the government’s actions showed a lack of consideration for the people’s feelings, fears, circumstances, hopes, and aspirations.

Azimio claimed that the Finance Bill served the interests of President William Ruto and his followers, benefiting them while neglecting the needs of vulnerable Kenyans.

While Azimio acknowledged and commended the lawmakers who voted against the bill and pushed for amendments, they expressed disappointment in those who succumbed to pressure from the government.

They noted that although some amendments were made due to the efforts of millions of Kenyans, these changes were insufficient to guarantee the desired quality of life for the citizens.

In conclusion, Azimio delivered a warning to the MPs who supported a bill that was widely rejected by the people.

They stated that the judgment on their actions has been passed, and the consequences for the regime are evident. Quoting a biblical reference, they sent a clear message that the regime’s future is uncertain, saying, “The writing is on the wall for this regime as the Bible tells us; mene mene tekel.”

The consultation meeting organized by Azimio aims to provide a platform for concerned Kenyans to voice their opinions, strategize, and collectively determine the next steps to address their grievances regarding the Finance Bill, 2023.

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