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Deputy President Urges Kenyan Athletes to Invest Wisely for a Secure Future

In a reception ceremony held at State House, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua commended Kenyan athletes Faith Kipyegon and Ferdinand Omanyala for their outstanding achievements, while also urging them to make wise investment choices to secure their future beyond sports.

During the event, Gachagua expressed his concern about the financial struggles faced by some retired athletes who had previously enjoyed great success and fame. He emphasized the importance of investing earnings wisely to avoid living in poverty after retirement. Addressing Kipyegon, who recently broke the world records for the 1500 and 5000-meter events, the Deputy President offered his assistance in providing investment guidance.

Gachagua assured Kipyegon that if she needed advice on how to invest her earnings, he was available to share his expertise as a prudent businessman. Recognizing her remarkable accomplishments, the state gifted Kipyegon Ksh.5 million for one record and a Ksh.6 million home for the other.

The Deputy President’s call for financial prudence and investment comes as a reminder of the challenges many athletes face when transitioning out of their sports careers. Gachagua expressed his disappointment at seeing successful athletes living in poverty and emphasized the need for early planning and smart financial decisions.

The event also saw Sports, Art, and Youth Affairs Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba express gratitude to the President for his unwavering support towards the sports and art department. Namwamba highlighted the Talanta hela initiative, which was recently launched by the President. This initiative aims to identify, recruit, nurture, market, and monetize talent in Kenya.

The Cabinet Secretary reiterated the government’s commitment to implementing a reward scheme and guidelines for recognizing Kenyan athletes who break world records or achieve international and regional accomplishments. Namwamba emphasized the importance of appreciating and honoring athletes who contribute to branding Kenya globally through their sporting achievements.

The government recognizes the tremendous impact of Kenyan athletes as ambassadors for the country. Their successes on the world stage bring global attention to Kenya, and the Ministry of Sports is determined to support and recognize their efforts. With Faith Kipyegon’s recent record-breaking performances, Kenya’s international reputation has been significantly enhanced.

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