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Azimio Coalition Declares End to Talks with Kenya Kwanza Government, Vows Revolution

The Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Coalition Party has taken a bold stance against the Kenya Kwanza government, announcing that it will no longer participate in bi-partisan discussions following President William Ruto’s controversial signing of the Finance Bill 2023 into law.

Opposition leader Raila Odinga and his coalition made their strong opposition clear during a public rally at Nairobi’s Kamukunji Grounds, outlining a series of measures they plan to implement in response to what they perceive as a disregard for their concerns by President Ruto.

Former Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa, speaking on behalf of the Azimio coalition, delivered the resolutions to the enthusiastic crowd.

He declared, “Having imposed punitive taxation measures on us through the Finance Act 2023, disregarding our views entirely, we hereby terminate the talks that our delegation had engaged in, hoping for Kenya Kwanza to show genuine interest in resolving critical issues affecting the people, including the high cost of living. It is time for action.”

The coalition’s first course of action is to embark on a campaign of “defiance and civil disobedience,” employing various strategies, such as refusing to pay taxes, to exert pressure on President Ruto’s administration. The aim is to force the incumbent leader out of office. Wamalwa emphasized, “Starting today, we commence a campaign of defiance and civil disobedience, employing different methods at different times. This includes the refusal to pay taxes, with the ultimate goal of sending Mr. Ruto’s oppressive regime packing.”

Furthermore, the Azimio coalition announced their intention to convene on July 7, 2023, known as Saba Saba Day, to unveil a program for nationwide civil disobedience. This program will serve as a signal of the withdrawal of their support from the officials of the perceived illegitimate regime, including President Ruto and all elected leaders who supported the Finance Bill 2023.

In addition, the coalition expressed solidarity with civil society groups, recognizing and appreciating their efforts to liberate the country from the Kenya Kwanza regime. The coalition intends to collaborate and join forces with these progressive organizations to work towards the common goal of a free and prosperous nation.

The government’s lack of respect for the media also drew strong condemnation from the Azimio coalition. Wamalwa concluded by stating, “We, the people, condemn Ruto and his regime for their disrespect towards the media. This disregard aligns with the behavior of every dictator, demonstrating their disregard for the rule of law, constitutional order, and independent opinions.”

With these resolute measures, the Azimio coalition has firmly positioned itself as a force to be reckoned with, ready to challenge the actions and policies of the Kenya Kwanza government. As the nation waits to witness the outcomes of their actions, the political landscape of Kenya hangs in a delicate balance, with tensions running high and the future direction of the country at stake.

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