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EXCLUSIVE: Inooro TV in Turmoil: A Scandalous Tale of Arrogance, Resignations, and Bitterness

The newsroom at Inooro TV is in turmoil, and its Head of News, Patrick Ndirangu Rukwaro, is at the center of the storm. Accused by his editorial staff of leading the worst management the station has ever seen in its eight-year history, Rukwaro finds himself under siege.

Sources close to the station reveal a tale of arrogance, hubris, and high-handedness on the part of Rukwaro, coupled with a penchant for insulting and threatening those who dare to question his management style.

The atmosphere at Inooro TV has become toxic, with the whole news operation teetering on the verge of collapse.

Rukwaro’s partner-in-crime, Hellen Maina, is also implicated in this debacle. Together, they have allegedly pushed their subordinates to resign due to the unbearable working conditions.

Our sources highlight Rukwaro’s complete disregard for differing opinions, which was evident in his recent decision to suspend two top anchors.

Ken Wakuraya and Njambi Njau were abruptly taken off the air a fortnight ago after standing up for their news production team against a “toxic female producer.” In their place, Rukwaro appointed a female anchor rumored to have an intimate relationship with the boss, while the male presenter is seen as nothing more than a “bootlicker” by his colleagues.

The absence of the two anchors has sparked anger among Inooro TV’s viewers, who have taken to social media to express their frustration. Yet, Rukwaro dismisses their concerns with a callous “I care less” attitude. Consequently, many viewers now find the station’s news broadcasts dull and uninspiring, a sentiment echoed in numerous online discussions.

Promotions within the department have also become a bone of contention. Ndirangu is accused of sidelining the dedicated and experienced editorial staff who have been with the station since its inception in 2015, in favor of new, inexperienced hires who are more compliant and willing to toe the line. The sense of betrayal among the original team members is palpable.

Attempts to escalate the ongoing issues to higher levels of the Royal Media Services editorial hierarchy have met with disappointment. Instead of support, those seeking help have faced betrayal and backstabbing from within the department.

Rukwaro appears to be aware of the mounting dissatisfaction and recently responded with a threatening email to his staff, warning of severe consequences for anyone who continues to challenge him. He seems confident that his justifiably disgruntled juniors have no power to turn the tables on him.

Accompanying his threatening email was a dismissive one-liner; ‘Story za Jaba’ which seemingly is supposed to serve as a final response to all the issues raised. It is this arrogant attitude by Rukwaro that angers the Inooro TV staff even more as they view his management style as obsolete and retrogressive.

This despicable behaviour, according to the source, is attributable to his wasted youth which now sees him live like a pauper during his sunset years. It is said that his office culture, besides his other failings, is characterized by endless borrowing from the same junior staff whom he allegedly threaten with firing and demotion if they fail to yield to his monetary demands.

As the situation unfolds, we can only hope that the voices of the trampled staff members will be heard and that the necessary changes will be made to restore harmony and professionalism to Inooro TV. The fate of the station news operations hangs in the balance, and the eyes of its viewers and industry observers are keenly watching to see how this saga unfolds.

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