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Check out who received the most votes in the Diaspora between Raila and Ruto.

There have been 12 countries represented in this election in the diaspora. They are located in Africa, North America, Europe (including Germany and the United Kingdom), Asia, and Qatar.

According to the results in Germany, for example, at the embassy in Berlin, 115 people voted for Raila, 104 for Ruto, 2 for Wajackoyah, and 3 for Waihiga

In the embassy in Qatar, 135 voted for Raila, Ruto got 169 votes, and 0 for both Wajackoyah and Waihiga .

In Rwanda, there were two polling stations. In the first one, 170 votes for Raila, 82 for William Ruto, 3 for Wajackoyah, and 0 for Waihi. In the second polling station, 150 votes for Raila, 81 for William Ruto, 4 for Wajackoyah, and 4 for Waihiga.

There were two polling stations in Pretoria, South Africa. Raila received 161, Ruto received 54, Wajacjoyah received 0 and Waihi received 1. In the second, Raila received 159 votes, Ruto received 67 votes, Wajacjoyah received two votes, and Waihiga received one vote.

In Tanzania, Raila received 91 votes, Ruto received 45 votes, Wajackoyah received one vote, and Waihi received two votes. Raila received 87 votes in Dar es Salaam, Ruto received 43 votes, Wajackoyah received 0 votes, and Waihiga received one vote.

The first polling station in Uganda’s capital, Kampala, reported 148 votes for Raila, 73 for Ruto, 1 for Wajackoyah, and 0 for Waihiga.

In the first polling station at Kenya’s high commission in London, 190 votes were cast for Raila, 95 for William, three for Wajackoyah, and one for Waihi. Raila received 183 votes, Ruto received 103 votes, Wajackoyah received two votes, and Waihi received three votes.

In South Sudan, the first polling station had 250 votes for Raila, 140 votes for Ruto, 0 votes for Wajackoyah, and 1 vote for Waihi. Raila received 264 votes, Ruto received 129 votes, Wajackyah received 0 votes, and Waihga received 1.

Raila received 2,103 votes from the diaspora, Ruto received 1885 votes, Wajackoyah received 18, and Waihiga received 19 votes.

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