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Azimio-One Kenya Is The Title Of The Document,’ Kalonzo Speaks On Deal With Raila

Kalonzo Musyoka, the head of the Wiper Party, has dismissed reports that he was forced to sign an agreement with ODM leader Raila Odinga without knowing what it contained.

Kalonzo stated that he was fully aware of the arrangement he signed as a person and as a One Kenya Alliance leader at the KICC.
Kalonzo rebuked individuals who claimed he was unaware of the already signed pact, claiming he had taken enough time to read the terms before deciding to cooperate with Odinga under the Azimio-One Kenya alliance.

“I returned home to explain; people don’t seem to realize I’m an attorney… “I can’t sign anything I haven’t read,” Kalonzo remarked in a Musyi FM interview on Friday morning.

Similarly, Kalonzo disclosed that the deal, which he characterized to as a “three-legged stool,” had resolved on the name “Azimio One Kenya” as the coalition’s vehicle to the August election.
Himself went on to say that he, President Uhuru Kenyatta, and Raila Odinga were the driving forces behind the new coalition.

“The document’s title is Azimio One Kenya… “Raila, Uhuru, and I make up the sole large team,” he explained.

Kalonzo appeared to dispute claims made by the Kenya Kwanza camp that he was forced to team up with Azimio la Umoja before of the August elections.

He stated that he had taken a sound judgment based on the well-being of his people and the country as a whole.

“I was not coerced into making a decision; that is just propaganda.” I compare myself to the late President Julius Nyerere in this region. “I can’t be pushed to do anything,” Kalonzo said. “I know how to say no…and I live with my conscience.”

“I’m more concerned with what will benefit my people than with what will benefit me.” In terms of jobs, infrastructure, and social amenities like irrigation water.”

As a result, Musyoka defended his decision to back Odinga for president, slamming those who said he had been bribed.

He described Raila as a long-time personal friend, adding that he hopes to receive his support in 2027.

“Let us elect Odinga for the third time…we have been together through thick and thin,” I remarked in ‘roho safi.’ “I’m sure he’ll sit down one day and say, ‘This is my little brother,’ and he’ll mean good,” he remarked.

Simultaneously, Kalonzo revealed that the newly formed coalition was in the process of assigning positions such as Deputy President.

“At KICC, I wasn’t holding anyone prisoner… Governor Lonyagapuo recommended Odinga as the frag bearer of Azimio la Umoja, and Mishi Mboko seconded the proposal, which was supposed to be Azimio-One Kenya Alliance, resulting in the pause. My issue was that he was chosen as the presidential flagbearer of Azimio la Umoja rather than Azimio-One Kenya.”

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