The DP could either confront Uhuru directly or send troops to attack the President. That, however, would be unhelpful and unpatriotic.
•The President has ‘exposed’ Ruto’s character and urged Kenyans to vote against him in favor of ODM leader Raila Odinga.

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s strong political performance might sabotage his deputy William Ruto’s approach and destabilize Kenya Kwanza’s political calculations.

On February 23, President Uhuru Kenyatta talks at the Sagana III gathering at the Sagana State Lodge in Nyeri.

Uhuru began mobilizing his mount Kenya political backyard on Wednesday to support ODM leader Raila Odinga, openly linking Ruto to massive corruption and declaring him unfit to lead.

Ruto merely stated that he accepts the President’s choice to support Raila.

“I accept the President’s decision to say he supports someone who has never voted for him or supported him.” There isn’t any issue. Let us now unwind “On Thursday, Ruto stated in Kitui.

Although Uhuru’s influence across the country is debatable, observers believe Ruto will be in trouble if Uhuru mobilizes at least 40% of his constituency to support Raila.

“If Ruto’s popularity in Mount Kenya falls below 60%, he has no chance of becoming President,” says one expert “Martin Andati, a political analyst, stated.

With Uhuru’s decision to actively advocate for Raila, he believes the DP will have a difficult time consolidating the mount Kenya vote basket.

Because Uhuru is not a candidate in the August elections, a direct confrontation with him could be counterproductive and unpresidential.

“I am aware that my friend, President of the Republic of Kenya, has opted to assist my adversary in his democratic right.” “I appreciate his judgment and viewpoint,” stated the DP.

According to a Tifa poll, 20% of people are uncertain.

Recent polls imply that there is a large number of undecided voters in the mount Kenya region, which could make it a swing vote.

Ruto, according to observers, has to repeat the gains made by the Jubilee Party in the 2013 and 2017 polls in order to remain competitive in the presidential contest.

In both elections, Uhuru and Ruto, running on an united ticket, swept mount Kenya’s votes, receiving an average of 95% of the vote from all ten counties in the region, including Nakuru.

Recent polls imply that there is a large number of undecided voters in the mount Kenya region, which could make it a swing vote.

Undecided voters account for 20% of the electorate, according to a Tifa poll.

mount Kenya, which includes diaspora Nakuru county, has a combined voting bloc of 5.85 million votes.

This means there are roughly 1.2 million voters who are unsure.

According to analysts, if this populace is influenced to embrace Raila, it will be the DP’s Waterloo.

Despite the DP’s vigorous campaigns in the region, backed by strong anti-Jubilee rhetoric, Ruto’s popularity in mount Kenya is dropping while Raila’s is gaining, according to two recent opinion polls.

According to a Tifa study, Ruto’s faith in the President’s turf has dropped from 53% in December to 49% now.

Raila, on the other hand, has improved his fortunes in Mount Kenya, rising to 16% from 10% in December.

According to a new poll conducted by Radio Africa Group, Raila’s support in Mount Kenya has increased to 27% from 25.1 percent.

Ruto’s approval rating was 57.1 percent, down from 59.8% in January.

This is a far cry from the more than 80% support that pundits predict he’ll need to handily defeat Raila.

Prof Macharia Munene of the University of Nairobi said that if Ruto wants to defeat Raila, he needs work hard to cement his support in mount Kenya.

“Any big reversal would be bad for the DP’s objectives,” the don said, adding that Uhuru’s campaign for Raila will also shake up Ruto.

“In mount Kenya, the fight will be won or lost,” he stated.

Raila and Wiper chief Kalonzo Musyoka may sign a political arrangement this weekend to consolidate Kalonzo’s Ukambani backyard.

The news may worry Ruto, who is looking to Ukambani to help him win the State House.

No selected fans, no Ruto allies dare Uhuru to speak in public.
Allies of Uhuru argue Uhuru’s measures are irrelevant because mount Kenya has long been under the control of Ruto’s UDA. Uhuru cannot organize an open rally in Central to back Raila, according to MP Rigathi Gachagua, because he needs a vetted crowd.

While the full impact of Uhuru’s support for Raila is unknown, many say the President’s decision will be a setback for Ruto.

According to Lugari MP Ayub Savula, Uhuru has launched a political campaign to defeat Ruto and force him to the opposition benches.

Uhuru is speaking directly to his people; Ruto has no capacity to fight back; in fact, he will lose,” he stated.

Ruto allies, on the other hand, claim Uhuru’s political moves are irrelevant because mount Kenya has long been a member of Ruto’s UDA.

Uhuru cannot organize an open rally in Central to back Raila, according to Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua; he only wants to speak to a vetted crowd.

“After the President spoke, we ask him to organize a public gathering with no vetted persons and reiterate what he said [against Ruto],” Gachagua stated.

Kanini Kega, a Kieni MP, said the DP should prepare for difficult times.

The President’s statements cannot be in vain; the repercussions for Ruto and his team in mount Kenya in the coming weeks will be far-reaching,” he said.

Recent polls reveal that Ruto’s popularity is falling, particularly in mount Kenya.

Ruto may be unsettled by Uhuru’s decision to embrace tiny parties in the region.

Ruto has stated that his United Democratic Alliance party will not form coalitions with small parties, which he refers to as “tribal.”

Moses Kuria, the Gatundu South MP, disagrees with Ruto on this and has sworn not to fold his Chama Cha Kazi to join the UDA.

Mwangi Kiunjuri, the leader of the Service Party, has also stuck to his guns, breaking ties with Ruto.

As a result, the President’s statement looks to pacify these minor groups.

Raila has stated that working with small groups is not an issue for him, and at least ten of them are expected to join his Azimio La Umoja this weekend.

Ruto may have to strike a difficult balance between undermining the government and Raila without slamming his boss.

Prof Munene believes it is doubtful that Ruto will confront Uhuru firmly.

I don’t believe there is much of a disagreement between the two men,” he added, adding that “Ruto has stated that they disagreed on what to do following the handshake.”

Maina Kamanda, an Uhuru friend who was nominated as an MP, claimed the President had put the final nail in Ruto’s political coffin.

If his support had plummeted from 80% to 50%, Uhuru’s remark will push it below 50% in the coming weeks,” Kamanda said.

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