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Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua Vows Ruthless Crackdown on Illicit Brews and Drug Abuse, Pledges Protection for Kenyan Youth


Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua’s resolute stance and commitment to eradicating illicit brews and drug abuse sends a powerful message.

-The determination to protect Kenyan youth from these destructive forces is evident in his call for decisive action, increased funding for NACADA, and the review of licenses.

-With the support of security forces and the dedication of leaders like Gachagua and Kindiki, there is hope that the relentless crackdown will bring about a positive change, safeguarding the future generations of Kenya from the devastating impact of substance abuse.

In a resolute stand against the destructive forces of illicit brews and drug abuse, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has pledged an unwavering crackdown that aims to safeguard the thousands of youth affected by these vices.

Gachagua made it clear that business as usual would no longer be tolerated, directing security forces to take decisive action against dens producing illicit brews and identify the drug traffickers responsible for endangering Kenyan youth and children.

During a recent address, Gachagua emphasized the commitment of President William Ruto and himself to abstain from alcohol.

He also highlighted that Interior CS Kithure Kindiki refrains from consuming beverages that resemble alcohol, while PS Raymond Omollo abstains entirely.

These statements served to underscore the seriousness of the issue and the determination of key leaders to address it head-on.

The Deputy President emphasized that the scourge of illicit brews poses a grave threat to the country, particularly its children.

He stressed the urgent need to eliminate this problem, stating unequivocally that those involved in its production and distribution are intent on destroying the future of Kenyan youth.

Echoing Gachagua’s sentiments, Kindiki drew attention to the pernicious effects of illicit brews and drug abuse, labeling them worse than terrorism.

He issued a stern warning, stating that immediate and decisive action must be taken against those responsible for manufacturing, distributing, and selling poisonous alcoholic drinks and drugs. Failure to act promptly, Kindiki cautioned, could result in the loss of an entire generation.

To bolster the fight against drugs, Kindiki pledged increased funding for the National Authority for the Campaign Against Drug Abuse (NACADA).

This additional support would enable the organization to effectively combat the drug menace. However, Kindiki also emphasized the importance of accountability and demanded that NACADA demonstrates transparency in its operations.

Addressing concerns regarding legitimate alcohol businesses, Kindiki dismissed the notion that the government seeks to undermine their operations. He assured compliant businesses that they would be protected, while simultaneously declaring the government’s unwavering stance against the sale of poisonous substances masquerading as alcohol.

As part of this commitment, the government plans to review all licenses, urging compliant establishments to continue their operations, while cracking down on unscrupulous manufacturers who produce dangerous substances under the guise of legitimate alcohol.

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