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Malindi Sub-County Morgue Overflows with Bodies as Starvation Cult Death Toll Hits 73

The cult case in Kenya is a tragic reminder of the dangers of extremist beliefs. The cult leader’s teachings were dangerous, and it is important for the authorities to crack down on such movements to prevent them from causing harm. The police must continue their search for those in hiding, and the KCRS must provide support to the hospital to ensure that the overflow of bodies is managed effectively. The families of those who have lost their lives deserve justice, and it is up to the authorities to ensure that justice is served.


The Malindi Sub-County hospital morgue in Kenya is struggling to cope with the overwhelming number of bodies that have been delivered following the exhumation of 78 corpses from Pastor Paul Mackenzie’s cult. The hospital’s administrator, Said Ali, revealed that the morgue, which has a capacity of 40 bodies, now has more than 100 bodies.

Ali has appealed to the Kenya Red Cross Society (KCRS) to provide refrigerated 40-foot containers to act as mobile morgues to deal with the overflow. The death toll in the cult case climbed to 73 as more corpses were uncovered in mass graves in a forest near the coast.

President William Ruto has vowed to crack down on “unacceptable” religious movements, and a full-scale investigation has been launched into the Good News International Church and its leader, Paul Mackenzie Nthenge.

Mackenzie preached that death by starvation delivered followers to God. Police had previously named the suspect as Mackenzie Nthenge. Some of his devotees are believed to still be hiding in the bush around Shakahola, which was raided by police earlier this month after a tip-off from a local non-profit group.

The police have been rescuing people and unearthing dozens of bodies in mass graves dug in shallow pits since the raid. The search for more bodies is ongoing, and the police have confirmed that some of the bodies were just in the forest and had not even been buried. The discovery of the bodies has sent shockwaves throughout the country, and people are calling for justice to be served.

The situation is tragic, and the families of those who have lost their lives are devastated. It is a sad state of affairs that so many people died and were buried in shallow graves. The cult leader’s teachings were dangerous and misguided, and the authorities must ensure that justice is served. The police must continue to search for those who are still in hiding, and the KCRS must provide the necessary support to the hospital to deal with the overflow of bodies.

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