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Why Kenya Coast Guard Service Recent Appointment has Ruffled Feathers in Military Leadership

  • EDITOR’S BRIEF: The appointment of Shioso to head the KCGS has caused concern among some military officials in Kenya. However, it is important to note that the organization is independent and accountable to the Interior Cabinet secretary, not the military. While the concerns of military officials are understandable, it is possible that Shioso was appointed for valid reasons and may bring much-needed expertise to the KCGS.

The appointment of Bruno Shioso, a former police spokesperson, as the head of the Kenya Coast Guard Service (KCGS) has sparked concern among some military officials in the country. The KCGS is a unit that has assets overseen by the Kenya Navy, and some officers have expressed reservations about Shioso’s appointment. These officers believe that the director-general of KCGS should have been appointed from the navy to ensure the smooth running of operations.

Despite these reservations, the KCGS is an independent body whose director-general can only report to the Interior Cabinet secretary and not the Inspector-General of Police, according to military officials. This means that Shioso’s appointment, while potentially contentious, is within the legal bounds of the organization.

However, the military is not just concerned about Shioso’s appointment. Ongoing parliamentary audits of projects implemented by the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) have also unsettled military officials, who argue that the action is not being conducted in good faith. This has added to the tension around Shioso’s appointment and highlights broader concerns about transparency and accountability within the Kenyan military.

The appointment of Shioso to head the KCGS has highlighted longstanding tensions between the military and the police force in Kenya. The police have traditionally been seen as being subordinate to the military, and there have been accusations of police officers being mistreated by their military counterparts.

Shioso’s appointment has been seen by some as a further erosion of the military’s power and influence within the country. However, it is important to note that the KCGS is a civilian organization and is not directly connected to the military. While it is overseen by the navy, it operates independently and is accountable to the Interior Cabinet secretary.

Despite this, the military’s concerns about the appointment are understandable. The navy is a key part of the country’s security apparatus, and the KCGS is an important organization that plays a vital role in protecting Kenya’s territorial waters. It is understandable that military officials would want someone with experience and expertise in naval operations to head the organization.

However, it is also important to recognize that the appointment of Shioso may have been made for valid reasons. Shioso is a highly experienced and well-respected public figure in Kenya, and his appointment may bring much-needed expertise and stability to the KCGS. It is possible that he was appointed because of his qualifications and experience, rather than for political reasons.

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