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Successful Evacuation Efforts: Kenya Brings Back Stranded Citizens From War-Ravaged Sudan

  • EDITORIAL BRIEF: The Kenyan government’s swift and efficient response to the plight of its stranded citizens in Sudan is commendable. The successful evacuation of the 29 Kenyan students and the ongoing efforts to ensure the safe return of more Kenyans is a testament to the government’s commitment to its citizens’ safety and well-being, both at home and abroad.

The Kenyan government has successfully evacuated 29 Kenyan students who were stranded in Sudan due to the ongoing fighting between the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) and the army. The Foreign and Diaspora Affairs Cabinet Secretary, Alfred Mutua, made this announcement on Monday, stating that the students had crossed into Ethiopia and were set to fly to Addis Ababa from Gondor before heading to Nairobi.

In expressing gratitude to the governments of South Sudan, Ethiopia, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia, CS Mutua acknowledged their cooperation in granting permission for Kenyan planes to overfly their airspaces, enabling the safe evacuation of stranded Kenyans in Sudan. He also gave special thanks to the governments of South Sudan and Ethiopia for allowing Kenyans to cross their borders and reach safety.

Furthermore, in the same statement, CS Mutua revealed that a Kenya Airforce plane was on standby to evacuate another group of 18 students who were traveling by road to the South Sudan border. This action displays the government’s commitment to ensuring the safe return of all its citizens, regardless of the challenges they may face.

CS Mutua went on to reveal that another larger group of Kenyans, who were on a well-planned itinerary, would be transported by two aircraft from Port Sudan to Jeddah. From there, they will fly to Nairobi on Kenya Airways (KQ). He estimated that the government would be able to evacuate between 300 and 400 Kenyans through this means.

This successful evacuation demonstrates the government’s commitment to ensuring the safety and welfare of its citizens. The Foreign and Diaspora Affairs Cabinet Secretary extended his gratitude to the Kenya Foreign and Diaspora staff in various nations and the multi-agency teams in Nairobi for their seamless coordination, which played a critical role in ensuring the success of the evacuation efforts.

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