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Maize Flour Prices Remain High in Kiambu Despite Presidential Announcement

Despite President William Ruto’s announcement of a drop in Unga prices, a recent spot check in supermarkets in Kiambu town revealed that the prices of most maize flour brands remained constant.

Retailers stated that they had not received any communication from maize millers regarding a reduction in prices.

As a result, they could not lower the costs of their commodities. Some brands, such as Ajab maize meal, had lowered their prices, while others, such as Mama maize meal, were still expensive.

Shoppers expressed disappointment at the lack of price reductions and called on the government to ensure that all brands lower their prices.

Market traders speculated that retailers were waiting to sell their old stock before offering the Sh 150 maize flour.

Residents urged the government to verify the truth behind the reports of a drop in maize flour prices and take necessary action to reduce the cost of living for Kenyans.

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