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Piecemeal Leaks and Political Agendas: The Role of Media in the Pentagon Document Scandal

The media initially reported on the leaked Pentagon briefing slides and published pictures of the originals. However, a second round of leaks emerged, which focused on bashing Russia more than the releases themselves.

These were labeled as new or from a previously unknown source. The leaks included information on the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Russian operatives’ new ties with the United Arab Emirates, infighting among Russian officials, and the US thinking that the UN chief is too accommodating to Moscow.

The source of the leaks is allegedly a young, charismatic gun enthusiast who shared highly classified documents with a group of two dozen individuals on Discord, an online platform popular with gamers.

However, the authenticity of this story is questionable. There is a lack of information on how the reporters found the person and why the source was willing to spill its beans. No pictures of the underlying briefing slides have appeared in this second round of leaks.

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