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5 Itching Questions Kenyans Have About Akothee’s Lavish Wedding

The wedding of Kenyan musician Akothee was the talk of the town. The lavish event featured an eclectic mix of some of the biggest stars on the land and even roped in two nationalities. However, while it was happening, many online raised some questions regarding some of the activities they saw at the wedding, the people involved, the guests invited, and other curiosities that are bound to arise around such a grand occasion.

Here are five of the most itching questions Kenyans repeatedly asked:

1. Why did Gender Cabinet Secretary Aisha Jumwa gift the bride with a cash necklace?
Many Kenyans found it tone-deaf when the Cabinet Secretary for Public Service, Affirmative Action, and Gender Aisha Jumwa was seen clothing the bride in a cash necklace rumored to have been made up of Ksh.100,000 or more in minty bank notes. While some argue that the money may not necessarily be from the public coffers and that Ms. Jumwa may have withdrawn her own money from her personal bank account, many felt that, in public service, optics is everything, and this was the worst timing considering the financial circumstances the country is in.

2. Who is the groom, Mr. Denis ‘Omosh’ Schweizer?
While the entire world was splashed with the colorful history of the bride, very little had been made public about her husband, Denis ‘Omosh.’ All people know is that he is a Swiss national and a resident of the swanky Swiss City Bern. Kenyans on Twitter are still trying to piece up his life and attempt to fix up the jigsaw puzzle that is Mr. Omosh.

3. Why did Mungai Eve show up in a little pink dress?
YouTuber Mungai Eve shocked many when she showed up in a little pink dress that left very little to the imagination. Many described her outfit as ‘tacky’ and ‘disrespectful,’ going way up her thighs and uncomfortably hugging her from all sides, making her stick out at the garden.

4. Why did some guests ignore the ban on photography at the wedding?
Despite the ban on photography at the wedding, some people still managed to steal a couple of photos and ruin the surprise that the couple had hoped for a later date. Some photos were also not too flattering to a bride intent on looking as ravishing as possible on her big day. Next time, guests may need to sign a non-disclosure agreement before accessing such a high-profile event.

5. Was it a wedding or an influencers’ event?
While many have marvelled at Akothee’s Midas touch, many have also pooh-poohed the guest list, which they found littered with big names from Instagram and Tiktok, making it more of an influencers gathering than a wedding. Every big name on Kenyan YouTube, Instagram, and Tiktok seemed to have been invited, making some Kenyans feel that Akothee went a little too far in stuffing the guest list.

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