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Why Uhuru Did not Attend Azimio Meeting in Machakos on Thursday

Uhuru may have deliberately have avoided the Azimio Meeting at Machakos on Thursday.

Former president Uhuru Kenyatta on Thursday was a no show for the Azimio La Umoja One Kenya coalition Parliamentary Group meeting at Stoni Athi in Machakos County.

Uhuru, who serves as the Azimio Council chairperson, was not in the meeting attended by the coalition’s top leadership led by Raila Odinga and Martha Karua.

However, Raila sought to assure those in attendance that Uhuru had pledged support for whatever decision they would reach.

“I bring apologies from our chairman Uhuru Kenyatta, he wanted to come but he was unable, but he said he will support whatever resolution we will make today,” Raila is quoted by Citizen digital as saying.

KANU party chairman Gideon Moi is also reported to have been also absent with apologies.


But one may wonder, is it that Uhuru and other Azimio top honchos just began to get busy with other engagements to an extent of missing crucial meetings?

Well, as they they say there is more than meets the eye and a whole lots of reasons could be behind the apathy by Uhuru and others.

  1. Uhuru may be trying to avoid his active involvement in politics

As a former president who has run his full term, though still in denial, may slowly but surely be coming to the realization that there isn’t much left for him to do in the Kenyan political scene, but retire silently and peacefully.

With almost no political influence and capital left, Uhuru may be finding it difficult or even embarrassing to attend such meetings. Of what value will he be to them?

At the same time, following the unprecedented attack of his family’s Northlands Farms recently, it may have dawned on the former president how his involvement in active politics leaves him and his family’s vast interests exposed and vulnerable.

  1. Nothing much to expect from such forums

As a former commander-in-chief who has rose to the country’s top echelons of power, it is demeaning to him if not outrightly desperate for him to be seen attending opposition parliamentary group meetings. What can he possibly expect to gain from such meetings? Your guess is as good as mine. Nothing!

  1. Let Raila run the show

If there is anyone who need such forums and meetings more than anyone else, it is Raila Odinga. Uhuru should not be seen to be competing for photo ops with Raila during such meetings. He should give Raila the opportunity to enjoy all the limelight, press, attention and what have you. Uhuru shouldn’t let his presence in such meetings make Raila miss the opportunity to remain relevant.

Avoiding them is the best thing he can do for his friend Raila after he failed to make him president following the 2017 presidential election.

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