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Shakahola Cult Probe Death Toll Rises to 58: Police Confirm

  • EDITORIAL BRIEF: The Shakahola cult probe has resulted in a high death toll, leaving families devastated. The police have made significant progress in their investigations and arrests, and efforts are ongoing to bring justice to the affected families. The tragic incident should serve as a warning to the public about the dangers of cults and the need to be vigilant in identifying and reporting their activities to the authorities.

The police confirmed on Monday afternoon that the number of people who died in the Shakahola cult probe in Kilifi County had risen to 58. This came after homicide detectives and pathologists confirmed 47 deaths as of Sunday evening, with 11 more bodies exhumed on Monday. Inspector-General of Police Japhet Koome revealed that the fatalities occurred among those who died on their way to the hospital, and from the exhumed bodies. Meanwhile, 29 people were rescued alive as the police searched the Shakahola area that had been cordoned off.

According to the police, the cult’s leader, Pastor Paul Makenzie Nthenge of the Good News International Church, instructed members to starve themselves in order to “meet Jesus.” Last month, Nthenge was charged following the death of two children due to starvation while under their parents’ care, and he is currently in police custody. So far, fourteen members of the cult have been arrested by the police.

The Shakahola cult probe has left a trail of destruction in Kilifi County, with families mourning the loss of their loved ones. The police have been working round the clock to ensure that the area is secure and to bring the culprits to justice. The tragic incident has also exposed the danger of cults and the need for the public to be wary of their activities.

Cults can be very dangerous, and their leaders can manipulate members into doing things that can put their lives at risk. Such groups often use mind control tactics, and their followers may be isolated from their families and friends. It is crucial for the public to be aware of these dangers and to report any suspicious activities to the authorities.

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