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Edwin Sifuna rebukes DP Rigathi Gachagua over quarrel with Governor Sakaja

Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna has told off Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua over the existing tiff with Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja.

The Azimio la Umoja legislature has risen in defense of Governor Sakaja against attacks by the DP over  plans to decongest the city via banning public services vehicles (Matatus) from operating in Nairobi Central Business District (CBD)

Rigathi Gachagua has in a number of occasions advised matatu owners to stay put and continue operating from the area of conflict, a move that goes against the Nairobi City County plans to restore order in the country’s capital city.

Sifuna is faulting the DP for trying to directly micromanage the duties of Nairobi County.

In his Monday’s statement, Mr Sifuna asked DP Gachagua to stop attacking Governor Sakaja and allow him space to organize his devolved unit as per the 2010 constitution.

“The 2010 Constitution, in creating devolved units, made them distinct govemments in their own right. They are therefore not subject to direction or control by the national government. The governors do not report to Gachagua. He has no power over county governments and must desist from interfering with their working,” said Mr Sifuna. 

He said the Nairobi residents have for long crying for change that Sakaja is trying to initiate.

“Nairobians have stated unequivocally that they want the city to change. Changing the city cannot happen by making it a large kiosk paradise or a big matatu terminus under the guise of “Kazi ni Kazi,” Mr Sifuna said.

“In achieving this change, the Nairobi County government cannot and shall not be beholden to tribal blackmail, loose tongues or latter-day psendo-Mau Mau and their fake “bravery.” We must change how the city is run and one individual or tribe cannot hold all of Nairobi hostage,” he charged. 

The law maker further blasted the DP for the execution of orders along tribal lines.

“We reject Mr Gachagua’s invitation to elevate some tribes to superior positions over others or his ill-informed agenda of attempting to divide Nairobi into tribal boroughs. We were elected by people from all tribes and cannot be told that the interests of any one tribe override the interests of everyone else.”

“The people who hold sway over city political affairs are known and they haven’t spoken. Governor Sakaja knows this fact and should proceed to execute his agenda in the manner he sees fit. He will in the end only account to Nairobians and not Gachagua,” the official said. 

“It’s a good time to remind him that those days are long gone. Let him keep off the running of county governments and concentrate on delivering the many promises he and the President made to Kenyans directly in line with the powers he has under the Constitution.”

“He is effortlessly turning himself into a national joke, delivering illegal decrees and generally behaving like a DO from a bygone era. I firmly believe that Mr Gachagua can be safely ignored, but I was elected by the people to draw the line on our constitutional and democratic order, when anyone, village clowns included, evidently becomes a threat to both.”

According to Article 96 of the constitution, Senator Sifuna has a right to protector the interests of Nairobi County, hence arguing his point legally.

His sentiments come after Mr Gachagua on Sunday asked matatu operators, club owners and other businesspeople in Nairobi to stay put and carry on with their businesses without fear of intimidation.

Governor Sakaja had earlier on vowed to bring change in Nairobi to restore its glamour by clossing entertainment joints operating in residential areas and banning matatus from entering Nairobi City center.

“Change is difficult, but change is inevitable. We must change our city to be that shining jewel on the African continent,” he said.

“Nairobi is not competing with Kisumu or any other city. We are competing with other international cities, and to achieve that, we have to make some changes,” he added.

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